Episode 175, “Bloodthirsty Giraffes”

Episode 175, “Bloodthirsty Giraffes”

On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have Greg and Stephen on to talk about Manga Chapter 631, which we are dubbing “Codcord Plaza.” Zach, Ed, and Stephen go over the News from here and abroad, then we have a Top 5: Favorite Characters with Zach, Ed, and The Dude. We also have some Anime Recap with Zach and Ed covering an interesting Episode 506. Things heat up as we have Jammer and Dominic on to talk about Anime Expo and another announcement, and then round off with some Piece Together with Zach, Ed, and Stephen.

One Piece Restaurant News
One Piece: Universal Studios
Volume 59 Cover

0:00:00 Introduction
0:07:58 Manga Recap: Chapter 631
0:51:00 News
0:58:15 Top 5: Favorite Characters
1:20:57 The Toriko Podcast
1:21:38 Anime Recap: Episode 506
1:40:33 Piece by Piece: Anime Expo
2:01:11 Piece Together
2:11:03 To Be Continued

Written by Zach Logan

Podcaster and lawyer. Host and Founder of The One Piece Podcast, Anime Fans Give Back, and many others. The views expressed are solely my own.

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    Zach Logan

    On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have Greg and Stephen on to talk about Manga Chapter 631, which we are dubbing “Codcord Plaza.” Zach, Ed,
    [See the full post at: Episode 175, “Bloodthirsty Giraffes”]

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    Great Podcast you guys, enjoyed the manga and the anime recap. Especially how annoyed Zach was getting with all the cute wlittle chopper talk lol. Anime expo recap was very cool too the west gang did a great job they were tons of fun ^_^.

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    Hey guys another great podcast. One thing I was thinking whilst with the manga recap is the problem with fishamn islands distance. Because if we work out the island is 10km under the sea and is a sphere than if it were to be 150km+ it would rise well above sea level, even 15km would stretch it? I’m quite confused about it. Anyway look forward to the next podcast,. Great work.

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    My own take on the haiku:

    “You’re just not my type”,
    Those words act as a trigger
    To lover’s anguish

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    . . . or so I think.

    Vander Decken IX

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    Nice episode.
    Zach, you’re a good host, but I think you’re trying too hard to be witty. Let the humor flow, don’t force it.

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    Stephen’s off the wall translation

    You are not my type
    Once told, I have awakened
    to love in my heart

    supposedly-it goes overs the neat syllable count

    Even on the spot he made the haiku. Badass right there

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    Zach Logan

    Oh no, that’s just my shitty humor.

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    Nice episode as always guys. I have a question regarding the toriko podcast. Will you do it like the One Piece Podcast, talking about the recent chapters and anime episodes or start from the start?

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