Episode 148, “The Müté Button” (Chris Sabat)

Episode 148, “The Müté Button” (Chris Sabat)

On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have voice of Roronoa Zoro from the FUNimation dub of One Piece on for a full half hour segment! Afterwards we have a little talk about the event at Kinokuniya and then go through the Manga Recap for Chapter 608! We’ll see you on Monday for “Special Seven” as Greg runs down his time at Jump Festa 2011 with exclusive news, tidbits, and more.

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Written by Zach Logan

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    Zach Logan

    On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have voice of Roronoa Zoro from the FUNimation dub of One Piece on for a full half hour segment! Afterward
    [See the full post at: Episode 148, “The Müté Button” (Chris Sabat)]

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    Awesome episode you guys Chris Sabat’s interview was HILARIOUS XD!!!! And the chapter was AWESOME XD!!! I don’t know why you guys didn’t enjoy it I think SO MANY cool things were introduced I can’t wait to see more of Fishman Island. But I do agree with you Zatch I am a little upset about them getting separated AGAIN but Jason does have a point I’m sure it’s for a good reason. I can’t wait to hear all the awesome stuff that Greg has brought back with him from Jump Feast. ^_~ UNTIL THEN GUYS!!!!

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    Chris Sabat is BOSS!!! I remember seeing him at Tora-con!

    Krillin’s Japanese voice IS ten times better than Goku’s Japanese voice. Yeesh… But seriously Mayumi Tanaka is just PERFECT as Luffy’s voice… She just nails his character perfectly! In fact, ODa said she would be the ideal voice for Luffy, before the anime was made.

    Chris Sabat usually plays characters with swords or muscles… Zoro has both! XD

    Manga recap…

    Why do the dogs remind me of the Jackson 5?

    I kind of assumed Brook would still survive underwater, since he has no lungs, but Zach raises a good point, if water’s his weakness… Does that mean his power gets taken away and he dies for real this time?! SOMEONE, SEND ODA AN SBS QUESTION!

    Camie went from cute to mermaid hot! XD

    In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that those fins are attached to her, I’d say she has the same problem as Nami does for wearing her pants too low!

    I also thought that the quintuplets were also Camie’s kids, and that threw me for a loop before I found out they weren’t her kids.

    I’d like to live in a half-wooden, half-water kind of porch kind of place, that’d be fun!

    Man, Oda’s doing a WHOLE lot of background stuff… HEY, maybe he’s putting that stuff in so the anime can use that as filler!

    The Quintuplets names are Ichika, Nika, Sanka, Yonka, and Yonka Too. Ichi, Ni, San, and Yon, are 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Japanese.

    God damn Sanji and his ugly, UGLY pervert faces! But I sympathize with him. “Shouldn’t fate smile on me a little?” It’s true, Sanji’s been the butt of humor for a while now, so maybe it’s time to throw him a bone.

    Those mermaids… Aren’t NEARLY as cute or as pretty as Camie. :/

    Actually, I can’t help but think that EVERYTHING that happened to the Straw Hat Pirates on Skypiea was because that old bitch Amazon tricked them into thinking they didn’t need to pay and had the White Berets arrest them. Dumb bitch.

    Actually, this part made me think… Is Sanji REALLY talking about All Blue, or is he just too happy to see the mermaids? When I think about it, wouldn’t it make sense that All Blue would be located near where all the 4 seas collide? This IS the intersection between the grand Line and the Red Line, so it would make sense that All Blue would be located there… With all the other sea creatures…

    I love these short episodes! I might actually get through more than 3 today!

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