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    Zach Logan

    Episode one of the podcast is out! It’s roughly 40 minutes, probably shorter than the normal podcast will be. Next time we’ll also pump the audio up a
    [See the full post at: Episode 1, “Pilot”]

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    I wouldn’t necessarily say this leak didn’t affect fans in foreign lands. Like “FMA:B”, there may have been plans to stream “One PIece” in Europe later on, and if that’s the case then this just delayed the chance of that happening.

    Also I’m glad this podcast finally happened. I’ve been listening to Daizex’s podcasts for a while and thought there should be something similar for “ONe PIece”. I hope in the future this podcast grows into similar to Daizex in depth and scale. If you don’t make your own message boards you can collaborate with ArlongPark on that. In fact I think in the future you should collaborate with the Daizex people to do a special podcast episode(s) with them, since “Dragonball” and “One PIece” have and still continue to cross-over into each other in different ways.

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