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Episode 330, “Mr. Dodo’s Automograph”

Written by Zach Logan

On this week’s episode of The One Piece Podcast, we have a ton of special guests! First, we have Jeremy Graves from MangaUK joining us to talk about their new One Piece 3-in-1 movie sets and the recent release of Strong World, plus new horizons for the UK and English-speaking One Piece world. We also have One Piece FUNimation brand manager Josh Kocurek fresh from San Diego Comic Con to go through the latest One Piece news and answer your Piece Together questions!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.24.36 PMThis week Zach, Steve, and Stephen (translator for One Piece in Weekly Shonen Jump) join us to go through Manga Chapter 754, “Making Acquaintance” and Stephen takes us through a little story at the end. We also have a Toonami Recap of the first Enies Lobby Arc episode, Episode 264, and more!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:29 Interview Time: Jeremy from MangaUK
0:33:55 Toonami Recap: Episode 264
0:48:08 Today’s Sponsor: Kolektakon
0:50:11 Manga Recap: Chapter 754
1:54:06 Piece Together with Josh Kocurek
2:36:42 To Be Continued

Otakon is in two weeks in Baltimore, MD — and make sure to check out The One Piece Podcast Panel while you’re there!

Next week we have an all new Manga Recap, and a lot more! Hopefully some surprises! Who knows! We are MAJI!

  • Daniel K

    Hey, I know you guys were stopping with the mp3 downloads to save on server costs, but you can make the show downloadable off the soundcloud as an mp3. Wouldn’t that give people an mp3 download option without costing you guys, or am I wrong? I listen to you guys on Vita a lot, so it’s just more convenient if there’s an mp3 download option for me, personally (soundcloud loads but doesn’t play on vita).

  • http://onepiecepodcast.com Zach Logan

    We’re looking into it! Stay tuned!

  • Daniel K

    Thanks for always replying =).