Podcast Episode

Episode 175, “Bloodthirsty Giraffes”

Written by Zach Logan

On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have Greg and Stephen on to talk about Manga Chapter 631, which we are dubbing “Codcord Plaza.” Zach, Ed, and Stephen go over the News from here and abroad, then we have a Top 5: Favorite Characters with Zach, Ed, and The Dude. We also have some Anime Recap with Zach and Ed covering an interesting Episode 506. Things heat up as we have Jammer and Dominic on to talk about Anime Expo and another announcement, and then round off with some Piece Together with Zach, Ed, and Stephen.

One Piece Restaurant News
One Piece: Universal Studios
Volume 59 Cover

0:00:00 Introduction
0:07:58 Manga Recap: Chapter 631
0:51:00 News
0:58:15 Top 5: Favorite Characters
1:20:57 The Toriko Podcast
1:21:38 Anime Recap: Episode 506
1:40:33 Piece by Piece: Anime Expo
2:01:11 Piece Together
2:11:03 To Be Continued