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5 DVDs for 500 Episodes Contest

Written by Zach Logan


Are you looking for a chance to show your love for One Piece and win some stuff in the process? Here’s your chance…

Rules: Take a screencap of episode 500 on and send that screencap to [email protected] by Tuesday, May 31st at 11:59PM EST and you can win…

FIRST PLACE: The Complete One Piece Season Three plus some goodies

Season Three, First Voyage
Season Three, Second Voyage
Season Three, Third Voyage
Season Three, Fourth Voyage
Season Three, Fifth Voyage
One Piece Strawhat
Luffy’s Vest

SECOND PLACE: One Piece: Season Three First and Second Voyage and a One Piece Handbag

Season Three, First Voyage
Season Three, Second Voyage
One Piece Messenger Bag
THIRD PLACE: One Piece: Season Three, First Voyage

Season Three, First Voyage

It’s a random drawing, so everyone in the United States and Canada is eligible. If you have any questions concerning the contest please e-mail them or address them in the comments below. Episode 500 comes out Saturday at 9PM EST at OnePieceOfficial. Enjoy, and good luck.