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Summer Announcements and Podcast West

Written by Zach Logan

This Summer your One Piece Podcast listening experience will be revolutionized, and then re-revolutionized. Because of an increasingly busy schedule for our hosts (Zach, Ed, and Steve) we will be making some major changes through the next month. In order to ease you into these changes, we hope that you read through this post.

From Today through May 16th
The podcasts for April 25th, May 2nd, May 9th, and May 16th will all be hosted by the Western Division of The One Piece Podcast. Now you may be asking, what the hell does that mean? Well we have a lot of fantastic podcast contributors who are located on the west coast that we haven’t had on for some time because of scheduling conflicts and just busy lives. Well we’re bringing them all back to fill in for myself, Ed, and Steve during this busy period. Much like “The Month of Awesome” and the period where Ed hosted in August (see: “Green Day Sucks,” “Sanji: Enter the Fist (No Homo),” and “Moustache Squadron“)  we will be departing from our ordinary crew. We are doing this because normally the “break” we had for Anime Fans Give Back to Japan would have occured at this point. I don’t want to deprive you good listeners of a months worth of One Piece Podcast’s so as a result we’re going to have a new but familiar crew handling things for that time. Here’s your lineup of podcast members for those four episodes (subject to change):

Episode 164 – April 25th – Zach (partially), Jammer, Dominic (Pwngoatjunkie), Firecrouch, and Greg
Episode 165 – May 2nd – Jammer, Jason, Dominic, Ichnob, and Greg
Episode 166 – May 9th – Ed, Jason, Dominic, and Ichnob
Episode 167 – May 16th – Ed, Jason, Jammer, Dominic, Steve, Ichnob, and Greg

I want to thank Jammer and Dominic (co-hosts of the newly rebranded AniManga Podcast, and Ichnob of Super Kaizoku Cosplay for lending their time to our podcast and taking over the reigns of all the things I normally take care of.

After May 16th
We will be at Anime Central the weekend after our “One Piece Podcast West” episodes with interviews and a Second Anniversary celebration. There will be some big names in attendance at ACen (including Colleen Clinkenbeard, Luffy) and we will also be holding three panels there:

May 20th: Introduction to One Piece – 1:00PM CT – Hilton Armstrong 3
May 21st: The One Piece Podcast Panel – 1:00PM CT – Embassy Ballroom 9
May 22nd: The Fullmetal Alchemist Panel – 11:00AM CT – Doubletree Signature 2

We will have some awesome videos and celebrations a la “The Marathoncast” for Episode 168 on May 23rd or 24th. We have still not cemented plans concerning Anime Expo and Otakon, but we hope to have at least some of our staff in attendance at both. As soon as we hear about both we will let you know. We also will be having an event in July (with an appearance by J. Michael Tatum and others) that I am tentatively dubbing “The Month of Revolution” as some huge events happen in the anime and the One Piece world.

Throughout these next months we hope you stick with us, because things are going to continue to rock. The manga is hitting its biggest stride in months, and the anime has been consistant and well-done for the first time in years. This is a fantastic time to be a One Piece fan so keep spreading the word about this great series and our podcast. Just remember, as always, we are MAJI!