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Episode 100, “The Marathoncast” (Brina Palencia, J. Michael Tatum)

Written by Zach Logan

On this episode we have EVERYONE on to talk about a little bit of everything. Read along, because it’s going to be tough to keep up. First we have the Introduction followed by the News with Firecrouch. We then have an exclusive interview with the man who played Eneru, Dalton, and Pearl, the man himself…J. Michael Tatum. This marks his second appearance on our podcast. Immediately following we have our stories and anecdotes from Anime Central, you will not want to miss those! We then have an Anime Recap with special guest Chris Niosi AKA “Kirbopher.” As if that weren’t enough, we then have Brina Palencia, voice of Tony Tony Chopper, on with some more special surprises for our Anime Central bash. Next up we have The Dude’s trip to Japan and his numerous adventures there, including an encounter with the Yakuza. This thing never ends does it? Nope. Immediately after we discuss our favorite of the 100 episodes recorded thusfar, a very quick Pieces of Eight, and round off with our first music segment entitled “The Dude and Zach’s Dance Carnival.”

But seriously, we need to thank you guys for making this all possible! I hope you all get a chance to listen to this episode because, though it’s exceedingly long, it was exceedingly fun to do and Anime Central was a freakin’ blast, so I hope you can hear our behind-the-scenes stories.

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Thanks to HellboundDochi for the Overtaken remix!

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The Death the Kid


  • Peppermint Schnopps
  • Yagermeister
  • Captain Morgan
  • Baileys
  • Tequila

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